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If you would like to have rest in the middle of nowhere, silently contemplating the beauty of nature, breathing in clean fresh air impregnated with the scent of flowery meadow and enjoy magnificent views of gentle mountains covered with virgin forests – come to Cyborg’s Cottage! Here you will have good food, and ring of a mobile phone will not disturb you either in eating or in having rest.

Accomodation for 1 person except for special periods:

ROOMS 11-22, 24-25, 31-33 ROOMS 1-9 I 23
1 night per 1 person 145 PLN 205 PLN 155 PLN 215 PLN
children up to 12 120 PLN 145 PLN 130 PLN 155 PLN


Booking is confirmed by deposit payment up to 30% of the cost of stay within 3 days starting with the day of telephone reservation. Bank details and bank account number:

Account number: 41 1090 2297 0000 0001 3763 0937

With a note: reservation deposit for the period…